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No tricks, only treats at MauiGrown Coffee Company Store

Jeff Ferguson introducing the Ghouls Brew

This Halloween, treat yourself to MauiGrown Coffee Company Store's "Ghouls Brew," a serious blend of dark roasted coffees. According to the store's co-owner Jeff Ferguson, legend has it that each year, the Ghoul comes to town and selects a special coffee to be his Ghoul's Brew. This year, he chose MauiGrown Coffee to create his special brew. The Ghoul leaves town at midnight on October 31st, but this coffee is so hard to resist, they're making this flavor available through November 1st. read more

Ka‘anapali 2020 continues to move forward

June 7, 2012 - Lahaina News

Thirteen years ago, Kaanapali Land Management Corp. reached out to the community to help shape their 1,156-acre property called "Ka`anapali 2020." Fast forward to today and the project is still working its way through an arduous approval process that has undergone various economic and political cycles, company leadership changes, and rigorous state and county requirements. … full story...(pdf)

Kaanapali Land Management Corp. Promotes Howard Hanzawa

By Linn Nishikawa, November, 2011

This week, Kaanapali Land Management Corp. (KLMC) announced the promotion of Howard Hanzawa to Senior Vice President.

Howard HanzawaSince joining this land-holding company in 2006, Hanzawa has overseen KLMC's operations and projects in West Maui. These include the 913-acre Ka‘anapali 2020 master-planned community that offers a mix of residential, recreational, open-space, and public and commercial uses, including a planned acute care medical facility. The Pu‘ukoli‘i Village Mauka community that offers a diversity of housing, parks, open space, a school site, and community facilities — all capturing the spirit of "coming home." The 200-acre Waine‘e project that provides for a community planned expansion of Lahaina Town with affordable and market housing and other amenities that will enhance the quality of life for residents of West Maui. The 300-acre Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms, a private agricultural community that continues to preserve our island's agricultural roots through the offering of 4 to 7-acre farm lots and their partnership with MauiGrown Coffee who markets the internationally recognized coffee that's grown on the farm. Other efforts include working with Maui Cultural Lands to help ensure the preservation of our island's cultural treasures such as Honokowai Valley.

"Howard is a very dedicated, hard-working individual, and we are honored to recognize his value to this company and our community through this promotion," said Stephen A. Lovelette, Kaanapali Land Management Corp. Executive Vice President. "His commitment to building a strong island company and his passion for working with the people of Maui resonates with our vision of honoring our roots and preserving our spirit. We look forward to continuing to work with Howard to realize the important community-based projects that will ultimately benefit Maui's citizens."

Plantation Living Redefined

By Linn Nishikawa, February, 2010 - Real Estate Maui Style

Manicured rows of coffee plants laden with vibrant colored cherries, inviting shaded lanais framing breathtaking sunsets, romantic strolls and cool quiet evenings. Even those who visit… full story...(pdf)

Ka‘anapali 2020's ten-year reunion bittersweet

November 26, 2009 - Lahaina News

Last week Thursday, more than 130 West Maui residents and community stake holders from all over the island gathered to celebrate the ten-year milestone for the proposed Ka‘anapali 2020 project. full story...(jpeg)

MauiGrown Coffee receives Mayor's Small-Business Award

October 25, 2009 - The Maui News

On October 23, 2009, Kimo Falconer's MauiGrown Coffee won the coveted Mayor's Small Business Award for the category of small businesses with 10 or fewer employees. This prestigious award was established in 2004 to recognize outstanding small businesses in Maui County. full story...(Word)

MauiGrown Coffee predicts fruitful harvest season

October 15, 2009 - Lahaina News

MauiGrown Coffee Inc.'s harvest season is officially under way, and owner James "Kimo" Falconer reported that indicators from seed to cup point to a fruitful season for the six-year-old company. Approximately 350 acres in the Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms will be harvested from October through January. This season, the company anticipates a gross yield of approximately 1,180,000 pounds of cherries with an output of over 350,000 pounds of green coffee - a 17 percent increase over 2008's numbers. Favorable growing conditions, the dedicated field workers who tend the coffee plants year-round, support from landowner Kaanapali Land Management Corp. and a growing consumer base for 100 percent Maui Origin Coffee are factors helping this year's harvest, said Falconer.

Kaanapali Land Management Corp. nominates MauiGrown Coffee, Inc.

On September 3, 2009, Kaanapali Land Management Corp. nominated MauiGrown Coffee, Inc. for the 2009 Mayor's Small Business Awards Program. On October 23, MauiGrown Company's president James "Kimo" Falconer proudly accepted this award on behalf of his company, a business that is widely recognized for its superb coffee and one that is helping to keep agriculture alive in West Maui. Read about this exceptional company. full story...(Word)

Record harvest marks coffee's comeback in West Maui

March 18, 2009 - Lahaina News

LAHAINA - MauiGrown Coffee announced a record 225,000 pounds of "green" coffee from this year's harvest. MauiGrown produces the only state-certified Maui origin coffee and is the only commercial producer worldwide of Mokka, a variety that dates back around 1,000 years. full story...(PDF)

MauiGrown Coffee yields results

By Andrew Gomes • February 23, 2009 - Honolulu Advertiser Business Today

Six years of nursing an abandoned Maui coffee plantation back to health has finally produced a big return for MauiGrown Coffee Inc. owner James "Kimo" Falconer, who announced this season's crop was about quadruple the prior year's harvest. full story...(PDF)

After 16 years, Pu‘ukoli‘i Village gets the final nod

By Louise Rockett

In 1993, Pu‘ukoli‘i Village appeared to be fast-tracking its way through the permitting process as an Act 15 affordable housing development.The final nod, however, was only given one week ago, Jan. 8, by the State Land Use Commission at a hearing in Kona. And now, the project promising affordable housing relief to the starving West Side for the past 16 years is one step closer, with groundbreaking for the infrastructure of the 240-acre community projected mid-2010. full story...(Word)


State Land Use Commission Decision helps move the Pu‘ukoli‘i Village Mauka Project forward

On January 8, 2009, the Land Use Commission (LUC) of the State of Hawai‘i unanimously approved a petition by Kaanapali Land Management Corp. (KLM) to modify or amend conditions relating to their Pu‘ukoli‘i Village Mauka project. full story...(Word)


Mahalo to our supporters

On January 23, 2008, Kaanapali Land Management Corp. hosted a special New Years celebration— a mahalo to the many community stakeholders who supported their various projects throughout the years. "Helping to shape future communities could not be possible without the mutual respect and support from our valued residents," said Howard Hanzawa, Kaanapali Land Management Corp.'s vice president. "We want to thank each and every person who has participated in the community-based planning process for our West Maui projects of Ka‘anapali 2020, Waine‘e, and Pu‘ukoli‘i Village Mauka."


Pu‘ukoli‘i Village Mauka "Coming Home"

Puukolii Mauka

When Kaanapali Land Management Corp. (KLM) held their town meeting on August 15 to update the West Maui community on their proposed Pu‘ukoli‘i Village Mauka project, the event felt more like a homecoming. People from all walks of life - retired school teachers, hotel employees, cultural advisors, housewives, grandparents, businessmen - recalled stories of what it was like to live in the old plantation village of Pu‘ukoli‘i.
full story...(Word)

Replanting Our Past, Harvesting Our Future

Puukolii Mauka

Last January 65,000 pounds of green coffee beans were harvested from the groves of Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms. That harvest represents the culmination of nine years of untiring efforts by Pioneer Mill Company, Kaanapali Land Management Corp. (KLM), and MauiGrown Coffee president Kimo Falconer to bring back one of the island’s most durable crops and maintain diversified agriculture in West Maui for generations to come. full story...(Word)

Fermin Domingo: In the Spotlight

Puukolii Mauka

For 30 decades, Kaanapali Farm Services and its parent company Kaanapali Land Management Corp. have served the people of West Maui through responsible care and stewardship of their land. Their success has been in no small measure due to employees like Fermin Domingo. full story...(Word)


The Reality of Affordable Housing in West Maui

Puukolii Mauka

By Tom Blackburn-Rodriguez

In 2004, the Mayor of Maui County said that we needed 4,000 affordable homes for local residents. That number has not seriously diminished today, despite promises for a potential of 3,000 affordable homes being built in the future, both near and long-term. full story...(Word)

Nene Geese Find a Home at Kaanapali

Puukolii Mauka

Over the past twenty years, the lands of Pioneer Mill have seen many changes, from acres of sugar cane to farms capable of producing maximum yield seed crops and MauiGrown Coffee - and Robbie Vorfeld, first as head of Pioneer’s Department of Cultivation, then as vice president of Kaanapali Farm Services Inc. (KFS) - has watched over all these transformations. Still, the latest arrivals to the Kaanapali lands probably took him somewhat by surprise.
full story...(Word)

According to the Hawai‘i Audubon Society, the Nene, currently on the Federal List of Endangered Species, is threatened today by introduced mongooses and feral dogs and cats which relentlessly prey upon the Nene’s eggs and young. Preservation efforts are continuing and the success of the Nene in Hawaii, although not a certainty, is promising. There are now about 800 wild Nene in Hawaii and the numbers are rising with each breeding season.

Kaanapali Land Management pursuing Puukolii Mauka

By Mark Vieth, • August 23, 2007 - Lahaina News

KAANAPALI - Kaanapali Land Management Corp. (KLM) last week unveiled plans for Puukolii Mauka, a 940-unit development proposed at the former Puukolii Village plantation camp. full story...(Word document)

Movement afoot on long-planned Puukolii Village.

By Harry Eagar • August 17, 2007 - The Maui News

LAHAINA - Kaanapali Land Management Corp. hopes to take the long-awaited Puukolii Village affordable housing project to the Land Use Commission later this year. That could lead to groundbreaking for infrastructure by 2009 and construction on the first of 940 dwellings by 2010. full story...(PDF)

Nurturing the Land

By Stephen Lovelette for "Urban Land" • February 2007

Community-based planning efforts apply principles of Hawaiian life to the development of sustainable communities in West Maui. full story...(PDF)

MauiGrown Coffee Brings It All Back Home

January 2007 - Real Estate Maui Style

The 500-acre farm is originally a part of the Pioneer Mill sugar plantation, which diversified the land out of sugar cane into coffee in 1988. Pioneer Mill had been farming the land since 1860. full story...(PDF)

Wainee Project on Maui Named One of American Society of Landscape Architects Best of Hawaii's Projects in 2006

July 25, 2006

HONOLULU - The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), Hawaii Chapter, recognized five firms for 11 outstanding projects at the 2006 ASLA Hawaii Chapter Professional Design Awards. full story...(PDF)

Kanaapali plans for 4,850 housing units

By Harry Eagar • July 13, 2006 - The Maui News

LAHAINA - A Kaanapali Development Corp. executive laid out plans Wednesday night for 4,850 new housing units on the company's West Maui lands at an annual community meeting on the company's plans. full story...(PDF)

Kaanapali 2020 plan for Puukolii is revived

By Harry Eagar • July 9, 2006 - The Maui News

KAANAPALI - After years of marking time, Kaanapali Development Corp. is ready to resume working toward residential-commercial projects that were first proposed in the early 1990s. full story...(PDF)

REMS A New Kind of Upcountry

By Joseph Bean • July 2006 - Real Estate Maui Style

Rather than waking up to just a cup of Maui-grown coffee, a few homeowners in West Maui will be enjoying their breakfasts, gazing out on hundreds of acres of it. That's what is happening at the Ka`anapali Coffee Farms, a new agricultural subdivision created by Ka`anapali Development Corporation (KDC). full story...(PDF)

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